Monday, May 2, 2011

Create your own digital stamp

For day five of the Tim Times Ten Grand Give-A-Way Challenge, I created this tag card to send as a thank you card to new pal. When I saw the example card, I thought mushrooms. Not sure why, but I went with it. I don't have a lot of stamps so I made a "digital stamp" by cruising the internet for some free clipart.

Once I found a graphic that I liked I saved it to my desktop. Then I did a little photo editing to remove the color. Next, all I had to do was print the image onto my paper and color it in with my scrapbooking markers.

Special thanks to Pam's Clipart for use of the image! And yes the sentiment is corny, but I couldn't help myself :-)


  1. LOL! I love the sentiment. how clever.

  2. Very cute! Love this method of finding coloring pages are great resources too.

  3. Great tag lady...TFS and though I have loads of stamps....I still find myself browsing those website pages looking for that perfect one...You'd think i would pull out the TC stamp maker.....Oh well...Love your tag....

  4. Very cute! Love the coloring and the improvisation! good job!