Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scrapbooking Canvas

I love a finished project. Nothing feels better than a check on the old to do list. So, I am very excited to have finished a project I started about a year ago. A scrapbooking friend of mine attended a workshop on scrapbooking canvases. She was so inspired she came back taught our cropping group (a wonderful group of ladies that I am sure you will hear more about later) how to make our own. Well that was last summer and I am just now finishing mine. The first two pictures came from the day we started the project last June or so. The final picture, I just took after putting on some finishing touches.

It is a cool project whether you love scrapbooking, home d├ęcor projects, or just enjoy seeing pictures of people or places you love hanging on your wall.

All you do is paint the edges of a square canvass and allow it to dry. As you can see in my photo, I was on my way to painting the whole canvas, when Gloria stopped me assuring me it wouldn’t be necessary. Of course, she was right.

Once the canvas is dry, you can use Modge Podge to add the coordinating papers of your choice. My color scheme was black, white, and red, since that is the color scheme of my kitchen and the place where I am hanging my masterpiece. You basically paint the paper with the glue and put it on as smooth as you can. Then you paint the top of the paper with more Modge Podge to give it a finished sheen. As you can see in my picture, there were a couple air bubbles to smooth out, but depending on where you put your pictures and embellishments, these won’t matter so much in the end.

Finally, you add your matted photos and embellishments. The photos my friend used were black and white I think, but I chose to leave mine color because they had lots of red in them so it complimented my color palette. I love how this turned out and can’t wait to start another canvas, though I have a while to wait because we have another family member on the way, and I want him to be a part of the next project.


  1. Yay Nikki! A great first post for your new blog! I love seeing the final version of your canvas - it's beautiful!

  2. Why didn't you call me so I could make one with you??

  3. Great Blog! It inspires me to make one....which means giving you all the things to make one from my wall in the living room! 8)