Saturday, July 31, 2010

Relay for Life Crop a success!

Recently I assisted two of my scrapbooking friends, Gloria Rayford and Shalah Joiner, in throwing a crop to raise money for the American Cancer Society (ACS). I use the word assisted lightly because they did all the work and I just showed up a couple hours each day to be loud and hand out prizes. It was a great event and I actually got a lot of cropping done.

We have created an ad-hoc little group called the Little Rock Scrappers and put on the event to help the American Cancer Society perform its mission of being the official sponsor of birthdays. The crop had a birthday party theme and we ate cupcakes and cake and played games for prizes. It was a lot of fun. In-between scrapbooking we recognized the cancer survivors in our midst and reminded everyone the reason we were there was to raise money for those in the fight for their lives.

What has inspired me the most are the thank-yous from the ladies who attended the crop. They have taken the time to send their handmade cards to show their appreciation for an event that they themselves made possible. All the proceeds from the registration fee to attend the crop went to ACS. With the help of these lovely ladies, we were able to raise $1,220 in a weekend. This is a lot considering this was the first crop the Little Rock Scrappers has ever thrown.

Needless to say, we can’t wait for next year. There are already plans in the works for making it a bigger and better event. I would really like to thank all of the ladies who came out and shared their weekend with us. With so much personality in one room, it was hard to stop laughing and focus on crafting. Thank you to all the participants, planners, ACS, and the venue Scrapbook Corner, who all helped make the event a great success. See you next year!


  1. Sounds like fun! I want to come to your next event.

  2. You ladies were the best hostesses ever! That was one of the best crops I have ever been to!

    In memory of our friend, Anita who lost her battle that week. And to my wonderful sister, Debbie, who is FIGHTING LIKE A GIRL and winning!

    Many thanks,