Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Create Blog Card Challenge

This card is in response to a challenge on the Scrapbooking Trends Create Blog. The challenge was to create a card that is easily mass produced for the busy holiday card maker. This card is a simple but detailed card. I used Cricut Storybook to get the shape for my background. The tree is simply three different free hand triangles. The star comes from the Cricut cartridge Doodlecharm. Of course if you don't have a Cricut you can cut all the shapes free hand. The Cricut is good however for cutting many shapes at once. So all you have to do in the end is assemble them all.

I sanded the edges of just about every element. I normally sand or ink everything I create.  In this case the sanding gives my tree a frosted look. I made the Merry Christmas by printing onto a sheet of clear labels. This way I have 30 sentiments that I can stick on patterned paper and easily affix to the fronts of my cards. When doing a mass card production, I suggest creating all of your elements first and then sitting down and assembling all the cards at once. This is quicker than trying to make one card at a time from start to finish. Plus, if you have help (I enlisted the help of my kids), it is easier if you have all your elements made. That way your helpers have everything they need to run a card making assembly line. Happy card making!

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  1. Nikki I love the card! I'm a fellow Arkansas but a quilter instead of a paper person. But your card...I might just try to make a similar one in fabric. :) blessings, marlene