Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What junk mail?

I ran across some inspiration this week when going to the mailbox. To keep down clutter I try to put junk mail into the recycling bin immediately rather than letting it accumulate on a table top. On the way to the kitchen, this post card caught my eye.
The company is using Christmas ornaments to get me into the holiday spirit and mostly to sell me their latest package deal. Well, the first part of their plan worked. I decided to use the layout of the postcard as the layout for my page.

I used the Cricut cartridge "Christmas Cheer" to cut the ornaments out. I used silver paper for the twinkles and ornament string. It is a simple but spirited page. I haven't done a layout on white paper in a long time. I started to use patterned paper, but wanted to stay true to my AT&T design. Now my baby’s first Christmas page is ready! So while no news might be could news, junk mail can be useful.

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