Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here's another one of those posts that goes "instead of scrapbooking today I ..."

I ordered these bamboo shades from and Eric kindly installed them last week. One problem. Either they didn't come with the string strung, or he made sure they all fell out as he was putting them up. I spent the day looking at tutorials online until I found one that made sense and was able to string them myself. Success! I got the idea for doing this shade curtain combo from my favorite DIY blog Young House Love.

I enjoy decorating (meaning reading blogs about decorating), as much as I enjoy scrapbooking. They are one in the same really. The room is your paper, the furniture are your photos, wall color and accessories are your embellishments. 

What do you like to do that is not scrapbooking but just as cool?

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