Monday, August 16, 2010

Party décor for less

Have you been in party supply stores lately? Even with their store wide clearance sales and great deals in bulk, you can easily spend 30 to 80 bucks on supplies alone for a small party of 8 children.
Bat Birthday Banner
This is just decorations and party favors, you haven’t even bought a hot dog yet. If you love paper like I do, it’s not a chore to hammer out a couple of cute party decorations.
I should apologize up front for whatever licensing rules I am breaking.
Blue bat pennant
The pennant banner shown here was inspired by a pack of balloons I found at one of the party supply stores. I didn’t like the color scheme of the bag of balloons at first but it was the difference between spending two dollars on balloons, or nine dollars.
To create a simple pennant banner, all you need is card stock, scissors, a ruler, yarn, and a hole punch. I created a triangle template with a ruler. I cut it out and traced it onto the nine pieces of card stock that fit my color palette.  I punched two holes in my template and used that as a guide to put holes in the coordinating pieces that I cut out. The bat logo was an image I printed from the Internet, traced, and replicated on card stock. Then, all I had to do was string the banner, making sure to string each piece the same so that the string ran across the back of the banner and remained virtually hidden.

Hanging bat decoration and free hand letters
If you look around the Internet you may notice fancier versions with ribbon tied between the pennants, but this was a four year old man's party so no ribbon was necessary. I used scraps from the triangles to free hand some letters. I also cut out some extra bats to put on the wall and hang from the ceiling. It was a lot of fun and saved me quite a bit of money on party decorations. The four year old man was also pleased.

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