Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teacher gift for back to school

I found some clearance items this past weekend and decided to put together a teacher gift. They were notepads, a magnetic frame, buttons, and stickers all in a Cat in The Hat theme. I decided to use one of the coffee cans that I just can't bear to throw away, as my hat. The process was pretty simple.

First, I removed the label from my 34 ounce coffee can. Then, I hot glued it to an paper plate to make my brim.

I measured the can and then covered it with two sheets of white card stock. Next all I had to do was cut red strips of paper for the stripes.

I learned something new on this project. I used blue painter's tape to hold the "stripes" in place to figure the spacing. The tape also came in handy when I was gluing on the stripes. It was the extra hand I needed to hold one side in place as I wrapped paper around the other.

 Once the stripes were secure the only thing left was to fill the hat and add the finishing touches. This project didn't take long at all and was a big hit this morning with the teacher. I was on the phone telling my mother about the gift this afternoon. She says I got my bribe in early this year. :-)

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