Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Ever need to be doing something, but aren't inspired to so you do some other thing? That's me tonight. Here is the digital layout I created in Picasa a minute ago.

Digital scrapbook page about a local Batman impersonator

I used the mosaic feature to get the blocked photos.  Since I only used four photos, it left the nice space to the left for journaling. Had I used more photos, the program would have filled in the page completely. I had to re-crop some of the pictures after "mosaicing" them because they didn't show the right pieces of the photos for the smaller ones. I am pretty sure that doesn't make since to anyone but me. I am open to any and all questions on how to do it though. It was really simple. Does anyone have a favorite company they print with?


  1. Very Cute - both the lo and the Superhero! I had a Batman fan, too! One Halloween he was Batman and his little sis was Robin; that was back when she wanted to do eveything he did! :)

    I understand about the picture cropping. I have the same problem with collages. I have been having pretty good luck with prints from Walgreens at Cantrell & Mississippi.

  2. What a wonderful super hero you the layout!

  3. Thanks everyone! @ Shalah, kids are funny. They are getting to the age where one wants to be the same and the older wants everything different. I am thinking family costumes this year. And the pics can double as our Christmas cards. I am thinking Mariachi band...